The Kenne Bell 30-50HP Advantage

If stock filter boxes don’t choke off the supercharger, reduce boost/hp and heat up the air — then why does the competition offer high flow filter kit upgrade?

Mammoth Billet Twin Screw Line Up
Shelby, Hemi, Camaro, 5.0 Mustang, ’03 Cobra, 05-10 Mustang, 99-04 Mustang, 2V, 3V Mustang

The 2.8, 3.6, 3.6, 4.2, & 4.7LC rear inlet twin screw supercharger line up develops 650- 1400HP with ONE basic kit. Just upgrade the supercharger all the way up to a monster 4.7L with 168mm 2350cfm throttle body. Unlike all those other kits which are based on the same lower cost and smaller 2.3s with more restrictive and limited inlet systems, these are BIG distinctive, powerful and highly efficient superchargers with matching kit components. Ideal for the larger displacement/ higher HP 6.1-7.0L 2V Fords. Since the Mammoth kit components are over engineered for minimum inlet restriction – the key to positive displacement supercharger HO- they also make HP – they also make more HP at lower boost/ HP levels. No cobbling together in expensive parts in an attempt to match the Mammoth Kit airflow. Just add a KB throttle body. Superchargers are easily upgraded in 20 minutes as “all fits one”. Then there’s the Patened LC (Liquid Cooled) advantage.

2.8 , 3.2 , 3.6 , 4.2 , & 4.7

The Mammoth filter, meter, ram, air pipe, inlet & discharge manifolds and intercooler are the same for all the kits. Just add a throttle body and the necessary fuel for your HP / boost goals. At 15 PSI, an 8-rib system is required.

Are Front Inlet Superchargers Really Better?

If front inlets were really superior why does the Ford GT, Cobra Jet, Shelby, Terminator, Lightning, and those Kenne Bell Record Breakers use Rear Inlets?

Bigun Inlet Manifold & Throttle Body
Bigun Manifold & 3800 CFM Throttle Body

A step up from the #1 Mammoth Kits. Highest CFM/HP Manifold and Throttle body available fits 4.7, 4.2, 4.0, 3.6 Kenne Bell only. 

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Larger surface area, less pressure (boost) loss and cooler air charge temps mean more HP and less stress on your engine.

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Kenne Bell Bigun Intercooler Homepage Image

4×6 Lobe Twin Screw
Produces Higher Air Flow, Boost & HP Than 3×3 of 4×4 Rotor

“Large enough to swallow a housecat, the Mammoth intake effectively eliminates intake restriction.”- 5.0 Mustang Magazine "Big Deal" (2011 5.0 Mustang)