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Welcome to the KENNE BELL TECH CENTER. We have devoted the necessary time and resources to provide you with a wealth of factual information including Tech Tips, Comparisons, Do's and Dont's, Tuning Tips, Related Products, Maintenance and over 200 Dyno Tests. Some sites post only one or two dyno tests - or none at all. If you don't see what you are looking for, E-Mail, Call or Fax our Tech Department, or try our comprehensive. FAQ section
It's been said that 90% of all web posted hi-performance information is based on opinion, heresay, emotion, biases or flawed testing instead of factual, verifiable test data. At Kenne Bell, we believe that our sophisticated OEM grade equipment, testing and data acquisition is the other 10% which is supported by credible non skewed tests performed under our strict guidelines. We hope our Tech Info and Tests answer all your questions about supercharging and the related areas and issues. Kenne Bell remains totally committed to furninshing our customers useful and factual information that will help to better understand our products.

"Control of variables, along with extensive instrumentation and data logging of temperatures and pressures, is a hallmark of Kenne Bell testing. It's some of the most thorough, scientific testing we've seen in the aftermarket. 5.0 & Super Fords Magazine. "Too Much"