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We sincerely appreciate the performance achievements of our Kenne Bell Mustang, Cobra, Shelby, Hemi and Camaro customers – particularly the high HP dyno number with our Mammoth Supercharger Kits. Kenne Bell customers (new, old and potential) are keenly interested in your vehicles.

To be a member of the prestigious Kenne Bell 1000HP CLUB requires the following:

1. Any fuel (gas or E85) absolutely no “Nitrous HP crutch.” Only all motor

2. Min 850RWHP (Manual Trans) dyno run

3. Min 825RWHP (Automatic Trans) dyno run

4. Min 1000EHP dyno run (1000EHP x .85 = 850RWHP man trans / 825RWHP auto trans)

Note: All the latest 2012 Shelby 1000HP cars make 850RWHP and are automatically in the 1000HP CLUB.

Once the information and photo has been received, we will forward you no charge, Kenne Bell Mammoth 1000HP CLUB T-shirts (specify size).

Note: These T-shirts are only available to 1000HP CLUB members.


click here for TECH INFO FORM 1000HP CLUB