This Jim Bell owned Kenne Bell test car - a 725HP Shelby Super Snake - became the first privately owned car to ever start a NASCAR Cup Race - the Shelby 427. The race was sponsored by Shelby, so it was only right that one of Caroll’s cars would be the pace car. The car was first used to prototype the Kenne Bell 2.8H MAMMOTH™ Supercharger Kit used on all the 725HP Shelby Super Snakes and upgrades for the Shelby GT 500, KR’s etc. It ran 10.8/134 on 91 octane and 9’s @ 140 on race gas. In addition to the drag strip runs - the car logged 6600 street miles and made over 1000 dyno runs, many of which exceeded 800RWHP. This 100% stock Ford engine, without headers, cams, heads etc. made 771HP (91 octane), 809HP (94 octane) and 914HP (race gas) on an engine dyno. Then it was hard lapped, drifted and braked at Willow Springs in the heat of summer where it soundly defeated the big 7.1L Supercharged Dodge Hemi Challenger. It’s final journey was the trip to Las Vegas where it was first upgraded to a “Shelby 427 Limited Edition” (1 of 50). Then it was outfitted with the NASCAR pace car light bar and decals. Fadi Cherfan’s red 427 Super Snake was the pace car for the “Sam’s Town 300” Nationwide NASCAR Race. It too was the Kenne Bell supercharged 725HP version. After the race, I was offered $200,000 for the car. Instead, it’ll be trucked home - no more street driving with the light bar - put in a garage and bagged. Caroll Shelby was right. All these Super Snakes are “collectors dreams” - especially the ultra high HP 725’s. This car has been upgraded to the 3.6LC ans we've orded a 2011 Super Snake.

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