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“It’s always better to have more and need less than to have less and need more” Jim Bell CEO Kenne Bell Superchargers

IMAGE – You won’t walk by one of our billet Beast’s thinking it’s an intake manifold or a plastic cover.

COMPANY PHILOSOPHY – Offer the largest displacement, most powerful, (at ANY boost level), highest HP potential, coolest and most efficient Billet Twin Screw Kits.

INFORMATION – The #1 Supercharger Website. No opinions or skewed testing here. It's difficult to make an intelligent supercharger decision without accurate Data, Dyno Tests, Tech Tips and Comparisons. No one does more or does it better than Kenne Bell.

TESTING – Anything is possible with a faulty or biased test. The object of a good test is to determine the real facts. At Kenne Bell, we pride ourselves in the quality and quantity of test data we supply our customers.

RECOMMENDATIONS – The thousands of satisfied Kenne Bell supercharger customers since 1990 are our best advertisement. Since 1968 and we're still here enjoying the best sales year ever.

HIGHEST HP POTENTIAL – Yes, our kits are “overdesigned” to maximize power at all boost levels. So expensive "upgrades" and "bolt ons" (supercharger cool air kit. meter, manifold intercooler - and a new "custom tune") aren't needed to match the Kenne Bell HP. And we leave plenty of room to grow.

HUGE INLET SYSTEMS – The key to PD supercharger efficiency. KB Mammoth and Bigun inlet systems are larger, flow more air and support higher HP levels than the competition. Never starve a positive displacement supercharger for air.

REAL COLD AIR INTAKES - +30HP. No hot underhood air or heat soaked filters. Filter is outside of engine compartment. Just good ol' common sense engineering.

LOWER PARASITIC LOSS – KB’s use less engine HP to drive. That means more engine HP at the same boost. And we can prove it.

BOOST – You’ll never get sleepy or hungry waiting for the boost and HP to build up like turbos and centrifugals. And there's lots of boost to spare.

CONSTRUCTION – Bullet proof Billet vs. lower cost casting's. Who doesn't know billet is stronger?

APPEARANCE – Fully exposed supercharger with conventional, higher efficiency, rear inlet fed by a huge 4.5”- 5" Ram Air Pipe. No manifolds, intercoolers or shrouds to cover supercharger and seal in heat.

TECHNOLOGY – Since 1990, the leader in billet Twin Screw Kit technology. First with Twin Screw Kits for Mustang, Cobra, Lightning, Dodge, Camaro etc.


• Liquid Cooled (Patented)
• Seal Pressure Equalizer (Patented)
• Patented External Spring Supercharger Bypass
• “Big Bore” Rotors
• Mammoth Inlets

SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE – Kenne Bell Factory Direct Sales, Tech Support, Service & Repair. No middlemen.

FACTORY TUNED – No expensive tuning or re-tuning necessary – unless modifying kit or adding bolt ons (headers, cams etc.) that require re-tuning.

INSTALLATION – The industry’s most comprehensive step by step illustrated instructions for the self installer. A list of qualified Kenne Bell Dealer Installers is also available.

COST – The larger displacement more powerful and efficient Twin Screw, Billet construction, polished or hard anodized vs. paint, Mammoth Inlet Sytem and “room to grow” all increase the kit cost. But for just a little more you get a lot more. If it didn't make more HP than our competition, why would we do it?