*2L Series
Note: For consistency and to avoid confusion, dyno tests were all run at 11:1 AF ratio and 23 degrees timing. See Tech Tips for more details.

Kenne Bell factory tuned with OEM grade equipment. No expensive custom tuning by others is required or recommended. Dual SWITCH CHIP® "POWER" (street) & "SHOOT OUT" (competition) Optional $99

In 1991, Kenne Bell, was first to pioneer the Twin Screw concept on Fords. Those features originally promoted in 1991, 1. quiet operation 2. self contained oil system 3. full instant no lag boost (HP and torque) at any rpm 4. lower parasitic loss and 5. cooler air charge temperature are now the talk of supercharging. History has proven us right. Look at all the mfgs. who have switched to or adopted these features.

Further proof of the Twin Screw's efficiency superiority are the hundreds of Eaton/Roots supercharged Ford Lightning, Cobra and Shelby GT500 owners that have upgraded to the Kenne Bell. All have experienced big power gains at any engine rpm or vehicle speed. Ask any of these owners if they think Kenne Bell superchargers only make great power and torque in the low and mid range.

Given that history of success, it was just a matter of time before we introduced the ultimate intercooled and non intercooled kits for the '96 up 4.6 Mustang GT. And it's calibrated in house by Kenne Bell programmers. As with all our kits, we've thoroughly dyno tested it at varying boost levels and with other Kenne Bell product options. All major kit components are pre-assembled, sealed and tested. It's ready to bolt on. Only the best and most efficient components are used - bar and plate intercooler, Dual heat exchanger, billet Kenne Bell Twin Screw supercharger, billet bypass valve etc.

Performance? This supercharger makes maximum power and torque because of it's 90% efficiency and lower parasitic loss - at any rpm. At either 9 or 14 psi it produces more power than an '03 Cobra. It's what you'd expect from Kenne Bell - an abundance of smooth, quiet, brutal power in any gear at any rpm from 1500 to redline.

Billet bypass valve.
Best Engineered Kit.
Fat flat torque curve.
6-14 psi boost range.
Fits under stock hood.
4 minute pulley changes.
Lower gears not necessary.
New BIG BORE rotor profiles.
8 new 36# injectors included.
Cooler air charge temperature.
Available in satin finish or polished.
86% efficient bar and plate intercooler.
Looks factory. Mounts on top of engine.
Low loss/hi flow Garrett heat exchanger.
Upgradeable from non intercooled to intercooled.
Easily installed. Kit replaces upper intake manifold.
750HP rated supercharger. New design rotor profiles.
50 State Legal (except 14 psi competition off road only).
Intercooled (9 psi) or non intercooled (6 psi) standard kits.
Whisper quiet. No embarrassing and annoying gear noise.
Billet aluminum supercharger (others use cast aluminum).
Does not depend on engine rpm to generate more boost.
Manifolds and supercharger all pre-assembled and tested.
No boost lag as with centrifugal superchargers and turbos.
Direct bolt on replacement. Connects to stock inlet system.
Big increase in HP & torque - EVERYWHERE - not just at peak rpm.
Kenne Bell "Mono" Chip, new gaskets and 160° thermostat included.
No boost drop off at high rpm. Approx. 1 psi higher at 6000 vs. 2000.
Internally lubricated. No tapping holes in oil pan. Doesn't use engine oil.
6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and 14 psi psi pullies available for any application.
60°-80° cooler air charge temperature and requires 10-16 less HP to drive than Roots style*.
Optional Kenne Bell 90mm Mass Air Meter, 70 and 75mm Throttle Body/"Big Tube" Kit and Cool Air Kit (see dyno tests).
Kenne Bell BOOST-A-SPARK™ (Best Ford 4.6 ignition. Recommended after 10 psi)
Kenne Bell 90mm Meter & Chip (up to 13HP over stock meter)
Kenne Bell 70mm Throttle Body (10HP over stock)
Kenne Bell 75mm Throttle Body & "Big Tube" Kit (18HP over stock)
Kenne Bell Cool Air Kit (up to 13HP)
Kenne Bell Gauge (Boost & Fuel psi) Package

Note: Kenne Bell 90mm Mass Air Meter / Chip Package, Cool Air Kit and 70 or 75mm Throttle Body highly recommended. See Tech Tips.

Billet BIG BORE Twin Screw 2.1L Supercharger
Hi-Flo Inlet Manifolds
Billet Bypass Valve Assembly
Bar and Plate Intercooler ("Intercooled" kit only)
HD Heat Exchanger ("Intercooled" kit only)
Intercooler Pump ("Intercooled" kit only)
Water Fill Reservoir ("Intercooled" kit only)
Re-calibrated Mono Chip
36lb Injectors
Fuel Rails ('96-'00)
160° Calibrated Thermostat

Note: All necessary hardware, lines, fittings, gaskets etc. included.





Since it's debut in 1998, the 2.1 9-10 psi kit is still the #1 choice of '96 -'04 2V owners with stock or mildly modified engines. It can easily max out the stock rods, pistons and block, increasing RWHP from 245 stock to 449 on pump gas with only the supercharger kit. 525 is considered the safe limit. Higher HP levels require forged internals and a stronger block. A 2.8 Mammoth® Tuner Kit has all the basic features of the 2.1, but was engineered to support higher HP and boost (15-28 psi). The 2V 4.6 has great HP potential, especially with heads and cams, but must be supported with equally efficient inlet system. The Mammoth® is 1650 cfm vs. 658 cfm Big Tube/75mm Kit. It utilizes the same lengendary minimum restriction (1400HP rated) Mammoth® Inlet System and Manifold (check out the size difference) concept used on Kenne Bell big HP kits for the 5.4/5.8 Shelby GT 500, 4.6 Cobra 3V, 5.0 Mustang, 6.2-7.0 Camaro and 5.7-7.0 Dodge Hemi. The industry's largest throttle body (Dual 75 or 168mm) is fed by a huge 4.5" ram air pipe, meter and filter. Without a Mammoth® high cfm inlet, your high HP engine can easily lose 60HP. The supercharger is starved for air and will run hotter, lose boost/HP and consume more engine HP to drive it. Our Sean Hyland test motor has made 1004 on an engine dyno and over 850 RWHP. 15psi is minimum boost. Just add injectors, fuel system and tune. No cobbling together of filter, meter, tube, throttle body, etc. is necessary. Billet fuel rails are included.


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