Does the supercharger decrease my fuel mileage?
What kind of performance increase can I expect from my Kenne Bell Supercharger Kit?
Why is a supercharger better than other performance modifications?
What parameters determine how much boost my engine can run on 92 octane?
What causes detonation?
Why does Kenne Bell use a 6 rib belt to drive the supercharger and others use an 8 rib belt?
What is the most ridiculous aftermarket product?
Why is knock protection so important?

Does Kenne Bell supply "knock protection" with their kits?
How can I tell if my filter assembly, meter, throttle body, inlet hoses or manifolds are restricitve and losing HP?
How do I determine if there is any HP potential in the exhaust system?
Will an ignition system make more HP?
What spark plug should I run with a supercharger?
What is the maintenance on a Kenne Bell Twin Screw?

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