Why doesn’t Kenne Bell sell the OEM’s?
What is the Kenne Bell philosophy on supercharging?
What is the concept behind the new LC/SPE Twin Screw?
How does the Kenne Bell HP kit compare to others?
Why do Kenne Bell kits cost more?
What is the biggest difference in superchargers?
Who should I believe about kit HP?
What are the advantages of the Kenne Bell Twin Screw Concept?
Maximum safe HP?
Chassis vs. engine dyno HP?
What does Kenne Bell have against Nitrous systems?
When do I need Liquid Cooling?
What is SPE (Seal Pressure Equalization)?
Why are all the front inlet kits limited to smaller 2L superchargers?
Are bigger superchargers really better?
The competition claims LC (Liquid Cooling) doesn't work?
What is the advantage of Real Cool Air Systems?

Are long runners better for low end torque?
What about long runners vs. short runners?
Is the Kenne Bell rear inlet design better than front inlet?
When do i need to upgrade from the Mammoth to the Bigun Inlet System? Can it be "Front Inlet"?
How much HP can i expect from a Kenne Bell Throttle Body upgade?
How important is the Supercharger Kit Intake Manifold?
Supercharger boost vs. Inlet Loss?
Why all the emphasis on inlet systems?
What happens if I use too big a supercharger for my engine size?
InterCooler size?
Do I need a Kenne Bell Bigun Intercooler?
Heat Soaking?
What is max street boost for a Twin Screw?
Do Kenne Bell Superchargers make more HP on Ford than GM or Hemis?

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