Kenne Bell is clearly the leader in Twin Screw supercharger technology. When Shelby wanted to build the "World's Most Powerful Musclecar," he selected the ultra efficient Kenne Bell 2.8H Kit to power his 725HP Super Snake. And later the 3.6LC (Liquid Cooled) for the new 800HP and 850HP versions. Then the 1000HP carswith 4.2. Mr. Norm also selected the Kenne Bell 2.8H Kit for his new 650HP Dodge Challengers. RPO chose Kenne Bell for their 650, 825 and 1000HP Camaros. In 2010, Kenne Bell stunned the supercharger world with the Patent Liquid Cooling, Seal Pressure Equalizer and External Spring Bypass Valve. In 2015 Shelby chose the Kenne Bell 2.8 for 750HP 5.0 Super Snake. Saleen also selected the KB 2.8 for their 750HP Mustang GT.


Kenne Bell, an icon in the world of high performance, was formed in 1968 by Jim Bell, originally specializing in normally aspirated V8 and V6 Buicks. The company has long been recognized as a "super tuner" and innovator of high tech performance products, particularly in the area of turbocharging and supercharging. Over the years, Kenne Bell owned or sponsored Buick's which were always in the spotlight, setting numerous records in NHRA drag racing. Twice, Kenne Bell cars received "Best Engineered Car Awards." Kenne Bell supplied equipment for the Buick Indy pace cars, and worked closely with the factory on parts development. We also engineered many hi-tech products for the infamous Turbocharged V6 Buick Grand National and the GMC Syclone truck. Our successes with the D'Alessandro/Kenne Bell "Worlds Fastest and Quickest Single Turbo 231" Street GN" are well known. It is credited with being the first Turbo Buick in the 11's, 10's and 9's, winning and/or setting fast times at the 1989, 1990 and 1991 Buick GS Nationals in the hotly contested Turbo Junior Stock Class - testimony to the expertise of Kenne Bell product engineering. In December '94, the D'Alessandro/Kenne Bell Single Turbo Stage 1 Buick made history; the first Single Turbo "street" Stage 1 Buick to run in the 7's (7.99/167.25) - a record that has never been broken. Today, Kenne Bell specializes and is committed to supercharging. Kenne Bell's racing heritage and reputation as a master tuner/calibrater/builder of high performance late model supercharged vehicles of all sizes is legendary.


Kenne Bell Commitment
Our investment in concept/test vehicles - they have totalled up to 15-20 at any given time - dynomometers, engine controllers, computer systems, programming equipment, data acquisition and sensors, and a myriad of specialty tools clearly represents Kenne Bell's commitment to supercharging and related products. We built a record number of supercharged project vehicles with Ford, GM, Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler and Mazda. Kenne Bell is the only aftermarket kit manufacturer to acquire "50 State Legal" status on both supercharger and turbocharger kits. At Kenne Bell, all engineering, fabrication, dyno testing, calibration, emission testing etc. is performed in house.


Supercharger Dyno
When the industry lacked supercharger test dynos capable of testing the new larger 2L, 3L, 4L superchargers at the higher boost/cfm and RPM, we developed our own one of a kind Supercharger Dyno.



The Twin Screw Supercharger
Kenne Bell, the class act of supercharging, has always been perceived as the premier supercharger kit company. No one does it better. Clearly, Kenne Bell possessed the technology, equipment, test vehicles and personnel - but to be #1 required the best supercharger. In 1991 we analyzed the various superchargers and concepts and selected the upscale billet aluminum (all others were cast aluminum) Twin Screw for all our kits. For years, the ultra high efficiency (+90%) Twin Screw has been tested and compared by OEM automotive engineers. The results are always the same. Size for size, the Twin Screw offers the coolest air discharge temperature, the lowest parasitic/HP loss both during boost and cruise (approx. 1 HP loss), more HP and torque and the highest boost at any rpm. And it doesn't drop off at higher rpm. Add to that the whisper quiet operation, lifetime sealed bearings, self contained lubrication, bypass system and reliability that exceeds OEM standards and you have the "Number 1 Supercharger Kit." Anyone doubting the above need only to ask Shelby, Mr. Norm, Mercedes Benz, Ford and Mercury Marine, when they demanded the most efficient and powerful supercharger, why they chose the Twin Screw.


Today, Kenne Bell is at the forefront of supercharger technology with new 4x6 lobe rotor profiles and Patented break through innovations like Liquid Cooling and Seal Pressure Equalization.

Kenne Bell Fuel Flow Dyno 3000
The industry’s most technically advanced and sophisticated fuel flow bench. Measures fuel flow up to 3000hp, pressure losses, temperature, pump current and voltage in fuel systems or individual components (pumps, pressure lines, return lines, regulators, filters, fuel rails, fittings, injectors etc.)



Supercharger Assembly Lines
At Kenne Bell, supercharger kits are assembled, tested, stocked, calibrated, serviced and shipped factory direct. Superchargers are wrapped and shipped in a protective plastic bag to prevent scratching.