130MM Billet Throttle Body
1450 CFM upgrade for KB '05-'10 Mustang Kits. (stage 2)
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External Spring Supercharger Bypass Valve
Eliminates supercharger damage from low vacuum “hotter” cams and reduces throttle surge and supercharger temp.
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The easiest, lowest cost, proven method of increasing fuel pump delivery
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"Big Oval" Throttle Body 
Dyno proven 1600 cfm precision quality polished throttle body for '03 up Cobra & 5.4 Lightning
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Mammoth Dual 75MM 1880 CFM Billet Throttle Body
Standard equipmenton Shelby 725HP and 800HP SS and KB Shelby GT500 Kits. Too large for TVS supercharger manifolds. Fits KB Mammoth only. Click Here for More

At Last... an ignition system designed specifically for "coil" engines. Fires plugs to 30psi boost. Click Here for More
Throttle Body
75mm & 70mm billet aluminum polished throttle body for '96 up 4.6 2V GT Mustang.
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Mammoth 148MM 1880 CFM Billet Throttle Body
Fits KB MAMMOTH Hemi manifolds only. Includes 4 ½” adaptor to 4 ½” Ram Air Tube. Click Here for More
Inlet Components
90mm Meter / "Big Tube" / Throttle Body / Switch Chip® kits for the '96 up 4.6 2V GT Mustang. Click Here for More
Pulleys / Pulley Puller Tool 
Steel Pulleys and Billet Aluminum Pulley Puller Tool for the '99 up Lightning and '03 up Cobra. Click Here for More
5.0 Mustang 10 Rib Pulley System
For + 15 PSI boost applicationKenne Bell Supercharger Gear Oil
Blue color specially formulated synthetic oil blend designed to maximize the life of the Twin Screw gears, seals, bearings, shafts and drives. Adequate for 1 oil change.
Lucas High Performance Engine Oil 5w-50 Synthetic oil specially formulated for Ford overhaed cam modular engines.
Billet Motor Mounts
Indulge in the latest Kenne Bell Fashion T's.
Patent No. 8046997

Supercharger Belts
The ideal belts for 6, 8 and 10 rib Kenne Bell kits. These belts were selected for their superior grip and minimum stretch. Specify 1. kit 2. vehicle 3. pulley size and 4. ribs. Some custom belts are only available through Kenne Bell. See price list for cost click here

NOTE: Goodyear Gatorback belts are not recommended for Kenne Bell supercharger kits.

Mammoth 168MM 2150 – 2350 CFM Billet
Throttle Body + 25HP at 750RWHP and + 50HP at 900RWHP vs Dual 75mm or any monoblade. Too large for TVS style manifolds. Fits KB Mammoth only. Click Here for More
"Gimme 5" Mammoth Inlet System
The largest highest cfm inlet system available for the Shelby GT500 Standard on all Kenne Bell Mammoth Kits Click Here for More