The Ultimate Cobra & 4.6 Mustang Kit
(Highest air flow of any Mustang cool air kit - 1200 cfm)

Recommended for high HP (+560RWHP) Cobras and GT's up to 700RWHP. Same basic design as the 4" except there is no support bracket. The 5" completely fills the fenderwell hole. The 2400 KG meter is required with this kit.
Part# F1009-5 . . . '03 up Cobra (90mm MAF meter) Includes intercooler line relocation kit
Part# F1019-5 . . . '96 up 4.6 Mustang (90mm MAF meter) Includes Cobra throttle body inlet tube
In dyno tests for 5.0 Mustang and Super Ford Magazine, the new Kenne Bell Twin Screw Cobra Upgrade Kit increased rear wheel HP from 366 to 600+HP. We used this test Cobra to develop and perfect our new "Cobra Cool Air Kit." Hundreds of dyno tests were run at varying HP levels. At 560RWHP / 658EHP, the "Cobra Cool Air Kit" is "0" HP loss making the same HP as no filter or hose. Air charge temp, boost, inlet losses etc. were all closely monitored.

Cool Air and ram air kits are hardly new to Kenne Bell. We were the first to engineer and sell kits for the Turbo Buicks, Syclone/Typhoons and 5.0 Mustangs. Now we're first with the ultimate Mustang GT and Cobra kits.

FILTER - The 6" and 9" long cone filters commonly used by others were also inadequate for the supercharged Cobra. Our flow bench and dyno tests told us that we needed a monster 12" long filter with a 4" or 5" opening.

HOSE & MASS AIR METER ADAPTOR - Experience has taught us that cheapie metal tubing is not the answer. The underhood temperature heats the metal and the air flowing through it. This is a no brainer. Would you rather touch hot metal or cool plastic? We used a durable plastic-rubber reinforced non collapsible smooth wall hose to connect the filter to our billet aluminum flared mass air meter adaptor. Unrestricted laminar flow into the meter is a must at high HP levels. Note: At high air flow, meters are very sensitive, particularly with larger than stock injectors.

LOCATION - When will the rest get this right? Never, never locate an exposed air filter in the engine compartment where the temperature can be 150° hotter (+10°=1%HP loss) and result in up to 50HP loss! We figured out a way to securely mount and protect it in the fenderwell where it's surrounded by cool air. And this is the only area large enough to accept the required 12" filter. The other major problem avoided with a fenderwell location is "fan wash" (fan air disrupting laminar air flow into the meter). Why do you think they put those little metal "shields" on the aftermarket MAF/"exposed" filters?

SEAL / SUPPORT BRACKETS - The Kenne Bell kit 4"utilizes special brackets and clamps to stabilize the inlet hose and filter assembly and a rubber seal to keep hot engine air from contacting the filter.

The Kenne Bell "Cobra Cool Air Kit" will handle 700rear wheel / 825engine HP. No other Cool Air Kit can compare to this kit's power potential, flexibility and features.

Warning: DO NOT place any exposed filter under the hood - even behind a removed headllight. It gets you some cooler air at 100 mph, but just mixes with the hot engine compartment air and fan hot air.

The Kenne Bell 12" filter will handle 700RWHP with "0" restriction as will the Ford 90mm meter. Therefore, any inlet restriction is in the hose and bends between the meter and filter. Bends are unavoidable when placing the big 12" filter in the fenderwell.

The 4" is "0" restriction up to 560RWHP with the Cobra 90mm meter.

The 5" is "0" restriction up to 700RWHP with the 2400KG meter.

Note: We don't sell part of the 4" or 5" kit. Don't use Kenne Bell 5" Cool Air Kit on the Cobra 90mm meter without calibrating the chip. Kenne Bell offers both 4" and 5" Cool Air Kits that fasten directly to the Ford 90mm meter (pegs at 500HP) and Ford 90mm 2400 KG meters (pegs at 690HP).

Caution: The 2400 KG meter, 5" hose diameter and 5" billet hose to meter adaptor will require the system be re-calibrated for WOT, idle and cruise. No question about this. These meters are sensitive to air flow and turbulence as they should be, especially with the larger 55, 60 and 65lb injectors. So choose your tuner and/or chip carefully.

As with the 4.6 GT mustangs, an ample supply of cool dense air is available in ONLY ONE LOCATION - the passenger fenderwell. The 5" kit for the '03-'04 Cobra requires the intercooler heat exchanger lines be re-routed to accomodate the larger 5" hose and filter. The necessary parts and instructions are included in the kit. The GT has no intercooler lines in this area. In either case, THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE for these 5" kits. And DO NOT INSTALL ANY FILTER IN THE ENGINE COMPARTMENT. Even with a headlight removed the filter will pull in some hot underhood air. If it would work with a 4" and/or under the hood sucking in hot air, we would do it that way.

Click here for Dyno test

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Part# F1009 . . . '03 up Cobra (90mm MAF meter)
Part# F1011 . . . '96-'02 Cobra (80mm MAF meter)
Part# F1016 . . . '96 up 4.6 Mustang (80mm MAF meter)
Part# F1019 . . . '96 up 4.6 Mustang (90mm MAF meter)